Consumer Tips


New England Blacktop, Inc. is a provider of asphalt paving services in Connecticut. We have been in business since 1973 and our success revolves around the quality of our workmanship, fair pricing, and great customers.


As a residential or commercial consumer, it is your obligation to protect yourself against dishonest contractors, inferior quality products, and fly-by-night scammers.  Unfortunately, the asphalt paving industry has seen no shortage of these types of operations.  Our website is designed to educate our customers as to how New England Blacktop operates, describe what we offer for services, and give you a sense of our long-term focus. We’re here and not going anywhere. Our goal is to serve you, our customers, in the best possible way and stand by our services. Remember, if a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. Because of that, we have assembled the following information to help you, the consumer, make smart decisions when choosing a contractor. At New England Blacktop, we want to make you happy because our happy customers are our best salesmen.

Pencil - Consumer Tips
  1. Always deal with a local, reputable contractor who is either known to you or can provide local references.  Avoid dealing with "gypsies", or companies with no set location, who travel from state to state soliciting business on the spot.  There is often no way of a consumer knowing the quality of the product being applied, nor the expertise with which it is applied.  If you are approached by someone offering their services, and they have out of state license plates, be cautious.  They will be impossible to reach by the time you notice the lack of quality.  New England Blacktop has been in business and operating in Connecticut since 1973, and we are always pleased to provide you with plenty of local references.
  2. Always insist on a written quote, with terms and descriptions that are understandable and measurable.  State law requires that many jobs include a signed contract prior to beginning work.  Your estimate should include details such as areas to be paved, or specific dimensions.  Never agree to hire someone who charges for asphalt by the ton.  You will not be able to confirm the accuracy of the application.  Good contractors, like New England Blacktop, will always give a firm bid with a total price and a marked perimeter.
  3. Avoid the all too popular scam of "Leftover Materials".  If you are approached by someone claiming to have asphalt leftover from a previous job, stay away.  Reputable contractors carefully calculate such expensive materials, and never have enough products to do another entire job.  They may offer you a great deal, but you can expect to get what you pay for. Remember, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is. If a contractor is truly looking to quickly use hot asphalt, they probably don't have enough time to lay it properly due to cooling, and the result will be a driveway sure to fail.  It may look the same on the surface, but it will be sure to fail in as little as 6 months, costing you thousands of hard earned dollars to have it removed. This, unfortunately happens all too often, and in the end you spend more to remove the low grade work and start over.

    When an estimate for paving is much cheaper than another, the money has to be made up somewhere and, unfortunately, it is usually in the quality of the job.

  4. Ask a lot of questions; learn all you can from the contractor of your choice.  We enjoy educating our potential customers about the paving process, and we want you to have the best possible understanding of it.  If the person you are speaking to seems unsure, or tends to avoid directly answering your questions, it’s time to run away.  Or, simply contact New England Blacktop.  We'll be glad to help your decision making process.

  5. Check with the State of Connecticut. All Home Improvement Contractors must obtain and maintain valid permits. New England Blacktop does, and we’re also A+ Better Business Bureau accredited. Better Business Bureau
  6. Remember, you or your contractor must obtain a city permit before paving begins, and your contractor should always provide proof of insurance. Without proper insurance, you can become liable if your contractor’s workers get hurt on your property.